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Anna Riddell

Geoscience Australia

Anna Riddell

2022, 2020

Years active on Event Committee:

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Anna Riddell is a Geodesist at Geoscience Australia where she enjoys understanding all the wiggly movements of the Earth as it changes size and shape in response to the distribution of mass within and upon its surface. Anna graduated from University of Tasmania with a Bachelor in Surveying and Spatial Sciences before securing a graduate placement at GA. Anna then returned to UTas to complete her PhD on the Vertical motion of the Australian Plate using the national GNSS CORS network. Anna previously managed the team at GA responsible for defining and maintaining the Australian Geospatial Reference System, including GDA2020, AHD and AVWS, and now is the Director of the GNSS Analysis section at GA, responsible for services such as AUSPOS, APREF and the development of Ginan, a new GNSS analysis centre software.

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