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Yang Yang

UNSW Sydney

Yang Yang


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Dr. Yang Yang is an astrodynamics expert specialising in space navigation and space situational awareness. His research focuses on the application of emerging space technologies in our daily lives, with a particular emphasis on fostering a safer, more secure, and sustainable space environment for humanity.
Completing his PhD in Space Engineering in 2015, Dr. Yang has since held positions at esteemed universities in Australia and China, where he has honed his expertise in teaching and research within the field of Space Engineering. His research delves into precise orbit determination based on high-precision GNSS measurements and deep-space navigation, directly relevant to the IGNSS community.
Currently serving as a Lecturer at UNSW MECH, Dr. Yang continues his pursuit of solving practical Space Engineering challenges. With a steadfast commitment to advancing knowledge and finding solutions, he remains at the forefront of addressing real-world problems in space exploration and safeguarding the space environment.

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