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Our Mission

The IGNSS Association is a not-for-profit association servicing a wide international network of academics, indutry and professionals, and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to provide a member oriented, market driven association, through activities such as workshops and conferences. What sets us apart is our is our emphasis on bringing together and providing a platform for cutting-edge academic research, service providers  and government bodies, and industry R&D achievements from companies both big and small.

THe IGNSS Association runs the bi-annual IGNSS conference, which is the premier conference on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and related Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) technologies in the Australasian region.

Storm weather pattern satellite view

Our Interests

Just some of our specific areas of interest are listed below, however this list continues to grow as we keep up to date on the latest and evolving technologies.

  • Autonomy on land, air, sea and in space

  • Aviation and Avionics

  • Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Machine Guidance Applications in Agriculture, Construction and Mining

  • Maritime Applications

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • Space applications of PNT in Earth orbit and for Lunar and Martian exploration

  • Positioning Infrastructure

  • GNSS Vulnerability, Resilience and Risk

  • Interference Detection and Mitigation

  • Policies and Standards

  • SBAS and Other Augmentations

  • Datums and Geodesy

  • National and International GNSS Developments

  • Emerging Application Areas for GNSS

  • Key Industries and their Reliance on GNSS

  • Embracing the Multi-GNSS Era

  • Cyber Security in PNT Applications and Infrastructure

  • Alternative PNT

  • State of the art in PNT algorithms and software development

  • GNSS Aiding and Sensor Fusion

  • Positioning in GNSS Denied Environments

  • Development of GNSS Receiver Hardware and Firmware

  • Precise position using Smartphones

Large scale farming equipment utilising smart technologies.

Our Goals

The IGNSS Association is a not for profit association incorporated in New South Wales, Australia. 

Our mission is to provide a member oriented, market driven association, achieving member satisfaction by providing the following:-

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Conferences

  • Trade Exhibitions

  • Awards for excellence programs

  • Other services by member request

  • Areas of specific interest include space, air, land and marine applications.

There are currently no joining fees or annual subscription fees.

The aims of the IGNSS Association are:

  • To be a platform to assist the ongoing development of GNSS and related disciplines.

  • To encourage, stimulate and aid networking among Members and between the Members, government and business in general

  • To gather information of interest to Members which will benefit Members in everyday applications.

  • To provide Members with an opportunity to hear high calibre speakers from business and government.

  • To act as a voice for Members and business to government, professional bodies and educational bodies; and

  • To be a link for the continuing education and training of members.

Image of a cockpit in a small aircraft
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